If you can not wear your wig (which is understandable with fine weather and heat), there are alternatives! You can turn to the head of accessories such as scarves, turbans and other bandanas that will protect your head while being lighter than a wig.

For more information scarves and turbans, they give you an appointment here to know everything about the scarf!

Also, if you feel the need to relieve your skull after wearing your wig all day, find our article on How to relieve his skull after wearing the wig that might interest you.

What to do with her wig after treatment?

Your treatments are finished and you want to get rid of your wig? Know that other women need it and they do not perhaps have deep pockets. So you can "recycle" your wig and make a happy by giving associations, including I Give My Wig, you can find on their Facebook page. Please inquire at the hospital or the barber who sold you your wig, they will surely what associations exist around!

THE LAST THING SMALL Judith & Juliette

Tired of having to use the words "wig" or "prosthesis" (not the friendliest indian lace wigs, we may say) when you want to speak in a public place ... do not hesitate to give it a nickname, and why not funny in bonus! "My hair hair wigs," "my ruque-pe" coded language upside ... doing your imagination! This will prevent you from prying eyes and you will surely complicit few moments with loved ones;). Tested and approved!

Here, we hope that this article has been helpful and help you dress the better your pretty head