Live coverage of meetings through Story, location-based filters ... Snapchat was widely used by the two main candidates in the race for the White House. Monday morning at D-1 of the election that will propel Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the Oval Office, the application of ephemeral images reveals a new filter. The users (present on American soil) have the opportunity to photograph or film themselves Hillary Clinton, with a special animation: the famous shrug of the Democratic candidate great lengths hair extensions, called "Hillary shimmy" which marked the first presidential debate of 26 September.

It is a filter 3 in 1. With the same blond wig, the user is like wearing a jacket of red suit and a blue and finally white. On the red blazer, reads "Vote for her tomorrow," and the blue "Write the story tomorrow." In the background, one can see the White House fireworks, punctuated by a cheerful music.

This filter is funded by Priorities USA Action, one of the largest collective donor of activists and Democrats in the United States. According to the website Buzzfeed, Snapchat mints € 410,000 a day filter on its application.

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