which it was approved by the Finance Committee of the Chamber. Also expected the full deductibility of expenses for the maintenance of sports facilities data free of charge and the VAT at 5% on inclusion in swimming pools and gyms for those who are not competitive sport. Overall, the proposed package costs about 250 million.

Another amendment approved by the Finance Committee of the Chamber aims to regulate the market "Airb & b", that of short term rentals in extra hotel facilities from private or online intermediaries. An increase in resources from 20 million to 30 million euro. Stands out the responsibilities "solid" for paying the taxes directed to both the private and the intermediary.

Stop 'secondary ticketing', ie buying massive concert tickets to resell them at higher prices. According to the Minister Dario Fanceschini a totally incomprehensible behavior of this online company hair do, The rule against 'touts online' provides for fines from 30 thousand to 180 thousand Euros for each violation found. In fact, the Department of Transportation requires authorized garages that control the vehicles presented for review.

DEDUCTIONS TO RENOVATE GARDEN are back short wig, after being rejected during the examination of the tax decree, proposals to also include the renovation of outbuildings and gardens, also of historical and artistic value, including the "redevelopment turf" between those who can enjoy tax deduction.

BUTTONS AND WIGS There is also the demand to support industrial research for those who produce buttons, umbrellas, zippers and wigs between thirty amendments approved by the Finance Committee of the Chamber to maneuver, which will now have to pass the scrutiny of the Budget Committee.