Wigs for chemotherapy: with chemotherapy unfortunately fall the hair, which strongly impacts patients who have to undergo this treatment. If you see the series of problems that causes a chemotherapy for many people the worst thing is the loss of hair, which creates a strong emotional and social difficulties.

Other than being different in the mirror, you have a perception of themselves sick, also the questions or the looks of the people on the street or at work causes a strong moral discouragement, giving the patient the idea he continues to be sick.

Many patients live this fact very negatively, increasing even more the risk of their disease. E 'has been proven, with thousands of studies on the placebo effect and mental optimism as to the success of any treatment is important optimistic predisposition of the patient, which is why we believe that the use of a chemotherapy wig can be important component not only to a normal social life of the patient during the cure cycle, but also of its final and complete healing.

The Newlacecu systems, wigs are not simple human hair headband wig, but new generation prosthetics capillaries totally invisible and impalpable. Their strength is not only the human hair of European origin, but the basics that you really going to disappear in contact with skin.

The customer or the customer will have a totally normal life, swimming, doing sports, even combing his hair back and forgetting all the alopecia problem and the disease they are fighting, since the prosthesis is so light that it will be like having own hair.

The adhesives are then acts medical products for human use and therefore 100% safe. In the moment in which the woman or man knows that will have to undergo a course of chemotherapy which involves the loss of hair, you can contact through the site www.newlacecu.it, so as to be educated on the whole of the installation procedure prostheses.

Another advantage of wigs for chemotherapy Newlacecu is that the customer can manage their image at will, even going from your trusted hairdresser remy human hair extensions, to a pleat or a hairstyle for a special evening, because the hair is human and cuticle.

The cost of the prosthesis is the lowest in Italy, the quality, without committing the sin of immodesty, the best in the world.