Avoid acquire a lace wig without seeing as there are a lot of scams on the internet.


synthetic hair we sell you natural hair for price therefore ask to see them, touch them and also if you can wet them because synthetic hair or treated water turn black when they are wet.


For my part, I did purchase a lace wig on a website www.hairliciouslacewig.com.



The advantage is that you go to a showroom where you have a specialist that advises you, listen to your needs, you do try existing wigs laces and you can also make a custom or you can choose each element the lace so it fits your needs perfectly.


The laces wig are known to the general public in the US but not so in France and have a person who can answer all your questions as the head of hairlicious showroom.


How to maintain a weaving and a lace wig?


I jumped when I see some young women wear the fabrics, laces unkept, dry, dirty and who are unnatural.