The professional dance couple Kai Fleischer and his partner Adalie Baniahmad enchanted at an advanced hour with a standard show of the extra class. Beside the two types of waltz, they were a real eye-catcher with Slowfox, Quickstep and Tango.

An extraordinary contrast to today's dances was a further highlight of the evening, a "courtly dance in historical costumes" from the early baroque period in the 17th century, before a royal parade on the throne with court fist showing the origins of dancing and its grace By means of scaffolding.
On the initiative of Sportwart Gerhard Ehniss, eight dancing couples of the dance circle studied under a multi-year, under the direction of Ingrid Lipps, a colorful performance which was performed exclusively on the evening of the club jubilee. They procured themselves, at their own expense, the appropriate historical costumes, including wigs. Rüdiger Schoenfeld, with the handing over of the flowers to the ladies human hair bob wigs, almost missed the words and the tears of emotion stirred by the chairman of the club.
Seminar hall in festive, autumnal decoration
The Alte Seminarturnhalle, under the leadership of Inge Osterrod, together with Angelika Hagmann, Elke Harmsen and Inge Becker, had turned into a beautiful ballroom with a festive, autumn decoration, after which the dances were danced and celebrated for a long time.
Anyone who would like to join the dance circle has the opportunity to come to the music hall of the Lvivschule in Nagold on Wednesdays evenings indian hair wigs, except during the school holidays, around the dance circle Nagold, which has been in existence since 1976, with profit teacher Heiko Bärmann To get to know. New dancers of all ages are welcome.