Wearing a wig is very simple, the only trick is to choose a wig of your size, so that she is comfortable, pliable testa.Vieni to our shop and we will advise you.

If you have long hair, you'll want to collect them in order to obtain a flat surface on your head. To do this, you should divide them into two broad strands and cross them behind your neck, or make a flat braid and secure it with pegs, or you can also use the "wig cap", a cap-light that helps to create a more homogeneous surface your wig and ensure a better seal.
simply comb it backwards and secure them to the top of the head or at the base of the neck.

you can choose to wear the wig with nothing, or if you have sensitive skin human hair half wig, you can use a special headset in natural materials like ours, breathable and hypoallergenic, which you can buy on our site www.parruccheebandane.com
 fix it back with an elastic band or with flat tongs to hide it from view.


He is wearing the wig with both hands, starting at the forehead and making sure to align the bottom of the neck, where the growth of your hair would end. Also make sure that the wig bases are in line with your system, and now hanging at the front and you're done!