When they learned that I had to cover the Salon of eroticism, my pals have jumped at the chance, "Bring us some gadgets! "So I put the hand basket (with provisions) to go do my shopping yesterday afternoon Rochepinard exhibition grounds.

Hardly have I let myself away from my mission by the shows - many - striptease or pole dance well yet pleasing to the eye, or by the sight of pretty young women in the aisles, not hide nothing (or very little) of their charms.
From stand to stand, my eye stopped on a host of diverse and varied objects capable of satisfying the most diverse tastes:
- A lot of strings to € 5 for three (for that price, there's really not a lot of fabric) for small grants;
- Masks and wigs, to preserve the anonymity of lovemaking;
- The sadomasochistic accessories or, more classic, the hair removal paste;
- Clothes: the (very) little rascals really below (red, black or white); dresses human hair wigs long, transparent way or panther skin ...
But the undisputed star of the event is the sex toy: of all sizes, all forms (with still some constants), and of all colors. A stand even offers transparent objects, imitation crystal or cut glass. Class! As I decently could not leave empty-handed, I cracked on underpants, struck with the final maxim: "Cigarettes kill, pipe relaxes."
To my friends, for cons, I did not buy anything. As erotica Fair continues today, the best is still to go they will make their own choice.