his rock ... I do not want to fuck my hair a different color, perhaps, give me the air of a sick lobster or Krusty the Clown.
And above all, I have desires of blue, white, magenta and violet limit if I could I would get all the color spectrum in 3 weeks and I'd end up looking like a Little Pony on ecstasy, with mane super lousy straw colored and delusions.

And there a few days, I made you a scare by mailing you a make-up rather banal but ..... worn with white hair! WHITE! Not green! Well, since as you're perceptive to the mystery was quickly solved. So how turn from green to white in seconds?

The solution: A WIG!
I had always seen it as an über-cheap trick of a little drunk guys wore through late evening, sprawled on the sofa 'singing pearls of the French variety that is scary ... or as an ultra trick -luxury in real human hair, Returned on Hindu Cosettes for rich wives in search of activity or patients, and understandably, seek to camouflage the effects of chemo.

And I'm not in any of these boxes.

Except that it has made its way into my head the idea, and last week, between two verniesques purchases on ebay, I typed "Wig". So already, I would have never thought there was much business for wigs but damn I hallucinated about the number of existing retailers and the diversity of products offered ... It goes from shiny mop wig worthy of disguise store stuff overpriced, through very affordable wigs and rather well gaulées ....
You then have two choices: either you buy a wig directly to a Chinese vendor, or you pass by an English dealer who imports the then sell them to you by making a small margin in the process. Personally, I chose the English left seller to pay £ 3 more for the simple reason that when you buy in China, you're in for a minimum of 4 weeks to wait before seeing your wig, and you run the risk to pay customs duties.
While there, I paid and received my order in the same week, not even the time to annoy me it was already delivered, and I got it for € 21 pdf included. My order arrived in a bubble envelloppe, size ... go, a bastard thing between A4 and A3, and surrounded by a very fine mesh to keep the hair smooth and in place.