Ah fashion, love and microblogging sites to live openly his passion 2.0. Lady Gaga, who did not miss one, just twitter a photo of a shopping bag autographed by Chanel -guess who? -

. And yes ma'am!

The drawing is hardly exquissé but we guess the clever stroke of genius of black and white, artistic director Karl Lagerfeld cult of the house of the Rue Cambon. A drawing as an admission that the musical and arty favorite Gaga for the Kaiser, years fashion muse 2010. One can perceive a self-portrait of gray -catogan designer rigor imperial dark glasses montant- neck that seems to fit the Lady G., highlighted with turquoise green wig like Crazy Horse it leaves more now-a fad that makes him grow everywhere hair. For it too is smoked glasses, because the country celebrities, the wayfarer are queens.

Karl Lagerfeld, the great stylist of Parisian and international scene is a must for creating and did not hesitate to join with the different backgrounds of his: clips director for famous iced lollies starring Rachel Bilson and Baptiste Giabiconi photographer for his campaigns -it photographed Claudia Schiffer for Chanel Eyewear- Sir Lagerfeld multiplies collaborations and the muses of his prized stable. While difficult for the undisputed master of the style of miss the oh so sharp of Gaga petulant. And vice versa. Because the singer accompanied the photo of her shopping bag customized with a very friendly "

Karl Lagerfeld, your kindness and generosity are more than magic. I shall be forever grateful. "So cute.

This statement is obviously drawing-collector and thank thousand times the mother monster for sharing snippets of his life planetary icon. One question nagging us: how did we do before Twitter?