Who would have guessed? The beautiful English Keira Knightley had to wear wigs in the last five years, as her natural hair, damaged by the shootings repeatedly, literally falling from his skull ...

Wearing wigs was not his choice. But Keira Knightley was forced there. While her acting career has allowed him to interpret a range of very different roles human hair front lace wigs, she had not expected after 20 years in Hollywood terrible consequences on the hair.


"I dyed my hair every color imaginable for different films, and it has become so critical that my hair has literally set to fall from my head," recounted the beautiful Columbia in Instyle magazine UK. "So for the past five years, I was forced to wear wigs, and I think this is the best thing that happened to my hair! "


Recently, his hair has finally grown, but the young woman of 31, soon faced a new capillary rebound, this time, due to her recent maternity. One who welcomed her little Edie, born of her romance with James Righton in May said: "Naturally human hair wigs images, my hair is curly and unruly, and since my pregnancy, they are ten times thicker ... What did I now regularly discover the joy of huge dreadlocks! "It must be a lot of patience to untangle his" dread "without hair pulling.


But soon, everything should return to normal, and the beautiful Keira expected to return to the big screen. It will be especially Poster Collateral Beauty with Will Smith and Kate Winslet, in December. Then she pitched the Sugar Plum Fairy in the upcoming Disney, a film adaptation of The Nutcracker tale and the Mouse King.