The standard or in-stock capillary complements are intended to correspond to the greatest number and as a result they are often made with stiff hair or a little wavy hair.

People who have curly hair or Afro type have no choice but to make a customized hair prosthesis and wait 2 months before receiving it and it had no other possibilities in case of a " emergency.

As usual the wig shop and our capillary institute in Paris innovate and take into account the demand of their dear customers.

Our online store was the first to offer the capillary complement of lace or lace diamond taken from other sites and other capillary centers. We were also the first to propose the coloring agent back to natural, ultra-skin or glue great white in France. We were the first to offer dozens of other products that our dear confreres have only copied with more or less talent and selling them often more expensive than us (so our capillary nano-skin sold at 189 € in our physical shop is sold between 220 € and 270 € by websites that do not have physical shop and therefore less expenses than us (rent, employees wig fashion, fixed charges ..)

Today we are pleased to announce that now the capillary supplements are available in Afro type hair in standard and in stock. We offer them in microfibre and U-lace pure debut and we will soon offer Afro standard capillary protheses in D-lace and in French lace.

If you have curly hair or Afro type do not hesitate to take appointment to our Parisian hair institute:

Asmae capillaries 76 bis rue Duhesme 75018 Paris tel:

We remind you that our capillary center in Paris is laying all the capillary complements (same ones purchased elsewhere) and we practice the same prices in our shop as on our website as well for the capillary prostheses, the medial wigs and for the Glues and other cleaning products.