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before last parade wearing gray wigs

Le 20 octobre 2016, 09:26 dans Humeurs 0

The last show of Jean Paul Gaultier paid tribute to Amy Winehouse.

I loved his music as I find quite nice and our legitimate national Jean Paul (Kokorico !!) pay him tribute. Some, including his father, do not see it well. Too bad ... I guess Jean Paul Gaultier will be explained in the coming days and will end this gloomy controversy.

Beyond that, what I like is the way Jean Paul Gaultier has to use and style the wigs.


If you had not seen her before last parade wearing gray wigs in chignons "Dadam" is here.
US elections challenge me, not only politically cheap human hair wigs uk, but on the capillary level.

Let me explain: you have immediately understood the name or nickname of this kitten!

Like what, a hairdresser, a cup, a lock of hair can permanently sign a style, a personality, a look ... even more and worse but that is not the debate!

Remember Mireille Mathieu ... and Sophie Davant, Evelyne Dhéliat, and the square of Claire Chazal and more!

I'm wearing the same for years ... uh sorry, I wear the same model wig for years now. And as soon as I plan to change, I triggered an outcry around me and you know what ... I think I also did not really find myself.

All this to tell you that even forced to wear a wig, you can find his style and create his pace "capillistique". Enjoy

whose members will also present their

Le 18 octobre 2016, 08:52 dans Humeurs 0

In my travels to meet teams Hair Pluriels, I often have the opportunity to meet Blouses Roses real hair 3/4 wigs, these sparkling volunteers involved among others in the hospital.

Their mission: to infect you! yes yes you convey that warm smile that never leave them. Attention some contagion!

The Hair Pluriels team loves this association and is delighted that the group "The Booksellers Together" is mobilized for their benefit.

Event "a book that feels good"

This first edition of "A book that is good" will take place from 12 to 17 February 2016 lace wigs human hair, in bookstores of the group "The Booksellers Together"
On selected titles for each "book that feels good" bought one euro will be paid by booksellers in favor of the association "Les Blouses Roses', whose members will also present their activities to customers from each participating library .